Kansas City's reStart plans new permanent housing development for homeless families

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - reStart  announced it plans to build a new set of townhomes to provide permanent housing for 33 homeless families.

The new building will be located near Troost and Admiral Boulevard, blocks away from the reStart shelter.

The units are designed for adult couples or at least one adult with children.

Until now, families were often placed in older homes and apartments throughout the city.

reStart said the townhomes will provide affordable housing, but they will resemble other high-quality, market-rate homes in the downtown area.

“Just getting places like for your laundry, grocery shopping, things most of us take for granted, become obstacles for long-term housing stability,” Evie Craig, President and CEO of reStart, said. “That’s not good for kids. That’s not good for the future of our community.”
The new homes will also provide easy access to downtown or Independence Avenue.

Tax credits will help make the $7 million project a reality.

reStart plans to break ground early next year. 

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