2012Transitional Housingfor 115 singles for 8,176 bed nights – 40 of whom came from our Overnight Emergency Shelter or our Homeless Services Center2012Transitional Housingfor 31 singles and 2 families living with HIV/AIDS2012Emergency Shelterfor 64 families (198 individuals, including 107 children/youth) for 9,147 bed nights2012Transitional Housingfor 84 families (276 individuals, including 166 children/youth) for 24,617 bed nights2012Emergency Shelterto 1,538 single adults for 40,669 bed nights2012Emergency Shelterto 126 boys and 95 girls (221 youth total) in our Youth Emergency Shelter for 1,953 bed nights2012Transitional Housingto 8 boys and 5 girls for 1,081 bed nights in our Youth Transitional Living program2012Outreach Supportthrough our 24-hour Hotline to 2,436 youth and made an additional 6,780 contacts through the Street Outreach Services program2012Permanent Housing placementsfor 8 individuals and 5 families (16 individuals, including 7 children/youth) in Scattered Site Permanent Housing2012Permanent Housing placementsat A New Start for 24 chronically homeless adults with a severe and per-sistent mental illness for 6,061 bed nights2012Permanent Housing placementsat the Vocational Living Center for 16 chronically homeless adults with a severe and persistent mental illness for 3,957 bed nights2012Day shelter and supportive servicesto 6,107 homeless and chronically homeless individuals at the Homeless Services Center, including 1,409 children and youth2012Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housingservices to 194 individuals, including 45 families with 88 children