Help homeless men, women, teens and children “reStart” their lives. Donations are accepted in the form of checks, credit cards, gift cards, in-kind services and support, and donated materials and goods. Please contact Evie Craig, President and CEO at 816.472.5664 ext. 252 if you have questions about donating to reStart.

FINANCIAL DONATIONS | Click the ‘Donate Now’ link to the right to make a credit card donation on a safe, secure site.

IN-KIND DONATIONS Please sort your clothing items into bags and label (i.e. Men’s Winter XXL, Womens Summer S, etc.). This will help expedite your generous donation to the clothing shops and to our clients. Please ensure donated items are free of stains and are presentable (no tears, rips, threadbare, etc.) as the items donated will be worn by our clients to work, appointments and other engagements. We also arrange pickups Monday – Wednesday. If you need to schedule a pick-up please contact Brenda Rand, Hospitality Manager at 816.472.5664 ext. 251.

Below is an updated list of items in high need:

  • Bras (all sizes)
  • Men & Women’s new underwear (all sizes)
  • Swimwear
  • Flash drives
  • 2018 Planners

While we appreciate all items generously donated by our amazing community, there are inf act items that do not suit our needs and instead accumulate into clutter. This is our list of items that we do not need at the moment:

  • Out-of-season clothing
  • Scratched non-stick kitchenware
  • Paintings
  • Old dial-up phones
  • Travel size shampoo and conditioner
  • Gas stoves
  • Ripped, stained, or pet-hair infested furniture
  • Baby car seats
  • Clothing with rips, stains, or tears
  • Smelly clothing that has not been washed
  • Used underwear
  • Ripped shoes (We appreciate shoes that are banded or tied together)

Please contact us directly and send us pictures when considering donating any type of furniture or large appliance.

Thanks to our incredible partnership with Giving the Basics, we have a wide array of hygiene and personal care products, as well as cleaning supplies. Consequently, these items are low priority with respect to receiving donations.

If you have donated in-kind items and need a receipt for tax purposes, please download our Donation Receipt Form.