Single Adult Services


Intended to provide shelter in emergency situations for single adults, reStart’s adult emergency shelter is currently equipped to house up to 48 single men and 42 single women. Starting in November of 2013, we now offer each person a shared room with their own bed, locker, and key to come and go as they please. They have access to showers (including ADA accessible), laundry facilities, and a phone, as well as three meals per day.

The emergency shelter also offers:

  • Mental health screenings
  • On-site counseling, including substance abuse counseling
  • Health education workshops covering primary and preventative care, nutrition education, and health benefits advocacy
  • Quarterly TB testing and monthly HIV/AIDS testing
  • Domestic violence support through partnerships with MOCSA and the KCPD

From January to mid-November 2013, we provided emergency overnight shelter for 1,153 individuals for a total of 39,251 bed nights. After opening our newly renovated adult emergency shelter, from mid-November to December of 2013 we served 100 individuals for a total of 3,969 bed nights.


reStart’s transitional living program provides longer-term housing for men and women as they work with staff to seek out permanent housing. reStart provides advocacy, guidance, and resources to stabilize these individuals, giving them the necessary tools to move towards self-sufficiency.

Services provided include:

  • Employment and on-the job training
  • Housing assistance
  • Life skills and financial literacy classes
  • Mental health screenings
  • Substance abuse recovery services
  • Health and nutritional education and screening
  • Art therapy and arts activities

In 2013, we provided transitional housing for 104 individuals for a total of 12,427 bed nights.